Level I Program Form Department/program Summary

Level I Program Form
I Summary of Proposed Changes
Health and Human Performance
Change the name of the Community Health options at both the undergraduate and
levels to Community Health and Prevention Sciences
II Endorsements and Approvals
Please obtain approval from the Program Chair/Director, the Dean and the Associate Provost.
Requestor: Annie Sondag
Phone: 5215
Dean’s Signature
Program Chair/Director: Scott Richter
Initial Review in Provost’s Office
Other affected programs: N/A
Faculty Senate Review
Are other departments/programs affected by this modification
Please obtain signature(s) from the Chair/Dire
because of
such department/ program (above) before subm
(a) required courses incl. prerequisites or corequisites,
(b) perceived overlap in content areas
(c) cross-listing of coursework
III Type of Level I Proposal (please check the appropriate space)
(a) Re-titling existing majors, minors, options, or certificates
(b) Eliminating existing majors, minors, or options. (submit with BOR program termination checklist)
(c) Adding new minors or certificates where there is a major*
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(e) Departmental mergers and name changes
(f) Program revisions –for minor modifications use the program modification form*
(g) Distance or online delivery of previously authorized degree or certificate program
(h) Adding option within an existing major or degree *
(i) Eliminating organizational units such as departments, divisions and colleges or schools *
(j) Consolidating existing programs and/or degree *
(k) New certificate of 29 or fewer credits
*Requires BOR Curriculum Proposal Form submitted to the Provost’s Office (refer to
IV Catalog Language
If you are proposing a change to an existing program or major, Please provide the proposed copy as you wish
please cut and paste the requirements as they appear in the
in the catalog. 
current catalog below. www.umt.edu/catalog 
Community Health
Community Health and Prevention Sciences
(no curricular changes)
Please explain/justify the new proposal or change. 
The central focus of our Community Health program is primary prevention. Unlike other health related professio
have some familiarity with the science of prevention, our community health students are singularly trained in the
science of prevention. Graduates of our community health program recognize the interrelationship among all asp
health and wellness (social, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) and possess a solid background in the soci
behavioral sciences. Success in this field requires the ability to apply scientific and evidence-based knowledge a
strategies focused on preventing disease and improving wellness at individual, community, and global levels.
Skyrocketing health care costs in the United States have brought the value of prevention to the forefront of natio
The nation’s first ever National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy (Office of the Surgeon General, 2011
on moving Americans from a system of sick care to one based on prevention and wellness. In addition, the Affo
Act recognizes that focusing on prevention and wellness is key to improving the health of Americans (National P
Council, 2013). Corporations, insurance companies, hospitals and other non-profit organizations increasingly are
prevention with the hope of reducing health care costs and improving quality of life.
Changing our name to Community Health and Prevention Sciences would mirror the nation’s growing interest in
and more accurately reflect the strong focus our curricula and experiential learning approaches place on preventi
wellness. We would also be able to better distinguish our program from others, enhance marketing strategies for
undergraduate and graduate programs, and attract more students to our degree option.
What other programs are affected by your proposal? Obtain
signatures as requested below.
V Department Summary Required if several proposals are submitted. In a separate document list progra
proposed change for all proposals.
VI Copies and Electronic Submission After all signatures have been obtained submit the signed orig
electronic file to the Faculty Senate Office, UH 221.