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Upper-division Writing Requirement Review Form (12/1/08)
I. General Education Review – Upper-division Writing Requirement
Course # (i.e. ANTH
455) or sequence
Course(s) Title
Newscast Reporting and Producing
Description of the requirement if it is not a single course
II. Endorsement/Approvals
Complete the form and obtain signatures before submitting to Faculty Senate Office.
Please type / print name Signature
Denise Dowling
Phone / Email
Program Chair
Ray Ekness
III Overview of the Course Purpose/ Description
Television reporting and producing including writing, interviewing, news gathering and
preparation of television news stories and newscasts.
IV Learning Outcomes: Explain how each of the following learning outcomes will be achieved.
Produce television stories focusing on hard
Student learning outcomes :
news, event and court reporting,
Identify and pursue more sophisticated
understanding the terminology and nuances
questions for academic inquiry
of each. Write appropriately for the topic
Gather information on multiple angles of
Find, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize
each news story, giving proper weight to
information effectively from diverse sources
(see different viewpoints and opinions. Evaluate
the work of self and classmates and choose
quality stories to include in newscasts
Each story must include at least two
Manage multiple perspectives as appropriate
different interviews from people with diverse
points of view on the subject at hand.
Choose stories for newscasts that flow.
Write stories in proper broadcast style, write
Recognize the purposes and needs of
stories for pace, flow and attention. Manage
discipline-specific audiences and adopt the
newscast content by writing transitions,
academic voice necessary for the chosen
leads, teases and tosses.
Each script must be submitted in draft form
Use multiple drafts, revision, and editing in
conducting inquiry and preparing written work for feedback from the instructor. Students
will be required to re-write stories at least
once before turning in a project for grading.
Follow the conventions of citation,
documentation, and formal presentation
appropriate to that discipline
Develop competence in information
technology and digital literacy
Scripts will be written using Avid iNews
software, the industry standard for
television. Script formats must follow the
standard given including use of lead ins,
supers, tags and proper production
commands. Create newscasts in Avid iNews
considering strong lead writing, flow, pace
and transitions.
All students will gather their own sound and
video using digital audio recorders and
digital video cameras. Those records will be
edited following the written script using
digital non-linear video editing and digital
audio editing software. Scripts will be
written in Avid iNews with proper format
and production cues.
V. Writing Course Requirements Check list
Is enrollment capped at 25 students?
If not, list maximum course enrollment.
Explain how outcomes will be adequately met
for this number of students. Justify the request
for variance.
Are outcomes listed in the course syllabus? If
not, how will students be informed of course
x Yes † No
x Yes † No
Are detailed requirements for all written
assignments including criteria for evaluation in the
course syllabus? If not how and when will students
be informed of written assignments?
Briefly explain how students are provided with
tools and strategies for effective writing and editing
in the major.
x Yes † No
Will written assignments include an opportunity for
revision? If not, then explain how students will
receive and use feedback to improve their writing
Are expectations for Information Literacy listed in
the course syllabus? If not, how will students be
informed of course expectations?
x Yes † No
All students are required to take Enex
101, RTV 280 or Jour 270, RTV 350 or
360 before this course. This builds on
what they learned there in terms of
writing and producing television news.
Each student is given one on one time
with the instructor to work on the writing
on their particular projects, while still
meeting deadlines. The class is also
given clear direction on the writing style
and qualities expected in a broadcast
news story.
xYes † No
VI. Writing Assignments: Please describe course assignments. Students should be required to
individually compose at least 20 pages of writing for assessment. At least 50% of the course grade
should be based on students’ performance on writing assignments. Clear expression, quality, and
accuracy of content are considered an integral part of the grade on any writing assignment.
Formal Graded Assignments
Write proposal for Made In Montana
Write research paper on Made in Montana
Write multiple drafts of Made in Montana
Write and produce 3 newscasts of 8, 12
and 20 minutes.
Write and produce 3 television news
stories including multiple versions of the
same stories for different uses on
Write and produce breaking news event
Write and produce news promotion.
Critique news stories produced by self
and classmates.
VII. Syllabus: Paste syllabus below or attach and send digital copy with form. ⇓ The syllabus
should clearly describe how the above criteria are satisfied. For assistance on syllabus preparation
Informal Ungraded Assignments
The University of Montana
School of Journalism-Department of Radio-Television
Missoula, MT 59812
RTV 361 Newscast Production & Performance
Spring 2009 – 3 credits
Syllabus­Subject to Change Scope: RTV 361 is the next progression from RTV 360, concentrating on newscast
production and performance. Class will also focus on reporting, writing, shooting
and editing skills. Newscasts will be produced in the studio with RTV 351 students.
Student teams will work together to produce two or three half-hour programs
Business: Made In Montana.
Learning Outcomes: The successful student in RTV 361 will demonstrate the following
skills upon completion of the course.
• Strong news judgment
• Ability to identify various opinions and angles in potential news stories
• Ability to write strong leads, bodies and conclusions to television news stories
• Demonstrated writing skills including the use of active voice, writing to video,
clear and concise use of language
• Television anchoring and interviewing skills including research and writing of
questions, interpersonal communication, proper questioning and listening
• Development of live anchoring writing and performance skills including newscast
anchoring, weather, sports and field reporting
• Ability to identify quality work in self and others and make newscast choices that
reflect that ability
• Development of television newscast producing including building strong leads,
writing for story flow, writing for pace and creating an overall look and feel of a
program through writing
• Development of presentation skills including voice and on-camera work
• Proficiency in the technical requirements of television work including shooting
and editing video, script writing using iNews, rundown building in iNews and use
of the server to store and playback stories
• Understanding of journalism ethics, codes and the law covering journalistic
Pre-requisite: RTV 350 or 360
Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:10 to 4:00 in DAH 101 and 114. Please
check the syllabus carefully so you know where we’re meeting.
Instructor: Denise Dowling
Don Anderson Hall #407
251-0357 (Home)
Office Hours: MW 11-12, TTh 10-11. Other days and times by appointment.
Required Materials: You may want a hard drive compatible with the RadioTelevision Department’s editors. If you need specs, talk to me. Each student will
need Mini-DV tapes. I suggest you purchase at least 3. You should keep a master
tape and use the other two as shooter/editor tapes.
E-mail: Each student must have a working e-mail address.
Academic Honesty: I expect your honesty in presenting your own work for this
course. Academic misconduct at The University of Montana is subject to an
academic penalty ranging from failing the assignment to expulsion from the
university. Students need to be familiar with the Student Conduct Code.
Work submitted for this class may not be material previously produced, nor may it
be material you’re submitting or have submitted for a different course inside or
outside the department.
Writing Proficiency Exam: All UM students are required to pass the writing
proficiency exam before graduation. You are strongly urged to take the exam this
semester. This semester the tests will be given on February 10th, March 9th and
April 14th.
You can register on-line.
The Writing Center is offering workshops to help you prepare for the test. See
Checkout (Also see attached sheet on checkout procedures and penalties)
• Remote equipment kits with PD-150 and PD-170 digital cameras, tripods,
lights, batteries and microphones are available for use through Student
Checkout. You can check out the kits for a maximum of 24-hours. Make
sure you pick-up and return your equipment on-time or you will lose your
checkout privileges.
• Do not expect to always get the equipment at the exact time you need it.
Always have a secondary plan. And always start early. You will be given
more than enough time to finish an assignment. If you wait until the last
minute, you may not get equipment.
• Be careful with all equipment you use either in the studio or in the field.
Don't leave any equipment in your car or any place it could be stolen. Do not
lose your temper and take it out on the equipment. Be patient and learn to
solve problems on your own. Be sure to report any problems when you
check the equipment back in. You are financially responsible for any lost,
stolen or damaged equipment. If you are absent for check-out or late for
check-in, your grade will suffer.
Security: You will have 24-hour access to the building by using your Griz card in the
card swipe on the northeast entrance to Don Anderson Hall. Each person entering
MUST SWIPE THEIR OWN CARD. Do not allow classmates, friends or anyone
else to enter with your card. DAH 101 will also be controlled by a swipe card.
Other labs (114, audio studios) will be accessed by punch code. You will have a
punch code unique from everyone else’s. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE. If
someone else enters under your code or swipe YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE
FOR ANY DAMAGE OR THEFT. We expect and need you to assist in building
security. If you see anything suspicious contact a faculty member or CALL
PUBLIC SAFETY! It’s up to you to help us protect our equipment and facilities.
No food or drink near any equipment. Clean up after yourselves in the labs and the
television studio. Turn off computers, decks and lights and close and lock the doors.
Grading will be based on ideas, research, class attendance and participation, writing,
tests, quizzes, assignments, your contribution to the overall success of the class and
your ability to work with your classmates. Class attendance is mandatory.
University business and documented illness are the only acceptable excuses. You
must notify me in advance if you will be absent. Any unexcused absence will
lower your final grade by one full grade. Two unexcused absences mean
you will fail this course.
Newscasts (Producing, writing, anchoring): 40%
• 8:00 News
• 12:00 News 15%
• 20:00 News 15%
News Packages: 20%
(You will receive no credit for packages that are not completed by deadline.)
• Hard News
• Event
• Court Report
Made In Montana: 30%
• Ideas, Planning & Research
• Interviewing & Video Gathering
• Scripting
• Editing
• Teamwork
• Final product
Class Participation/Checkout: 10%
**If you fail in any one of the three areas (newscasts, packages, MIM) YOU WILL
RTV 361
Spring 2009
Syllabus Subject to Change
1/27-DAH 101
Course Overview
1/29-DAH 114
Review :60 News
Anchor :60 Newscast
Assignment: Find and research possible
MIM topics
2/3-DAH 114
MIM Presentations/Pitches
Internships & Scholarships
Writing Assessment
Story Meeting/PKG 1 & Interviews
Assignment:Shoot/Write/Edit PKG 1
2/10-DAH 114
8:00 News Assignment Given-DAH 114
MIM Assignments Given
Live Interview Workshop
View PKG 1 In Class
Due: PKG 1
Assignment: Work on 8:00 News
Research MIM
2/17-DAH 114
MIM Research Presentations
Travel Plans & Procedures
Working Together: Directors & Producers
Final Preps 8:00 News
Story Schedule
Newscast Construction
Choosing a Lead
Pace/Story Flow
Story Meeting: First Packages Assigned
Interview Segment
Assignment: Prep MIM Pitch
Shoot/Write/Edit PKG 1
Research Interview Segment
2/5-DAH 101
Rundowns & Scripting
Telling Nat Sound Stories
Assignment: Shoot/Write/Edit PKG 1
2/12-Missoula County Courthouse
Field Trip
Court Reporting
Assignment: Work w/director on 8:00 News
Research MIM-Present Tuesday
2/19-DAH 101
8:00 News Day 1-Montana Morning
(3:30 News, 1:00 Break, 3:30 Pkg + Intvu)
Due: 8:00 News Rundowns & Scripts
Assignment: Work w/director on 8:00 News Assignment: Ideas for PKG 2
Work on MIM Shots/Questions/Contacts
Work on MIM Shots/Questions/Contacts
2/24-DAH 114
Review 8:00 News Day 1
Story Meeting: Assign PKG 2/w RTV
Working Together: Reporters & Photogs
2/26-DAH 101
8:00 News II
Due: MIM Shots/Questions/Contacts
Assignment:Work on Package Two
Arrange MIM Shooting
3/3-DAH 114
Review 8:00 News Day 2
12:00 News Assignment Given
News Anchor Workshop
Assignment: Work on Package Two
Arrange MIM Shooting
Assignment: Work on 12:00 News
Shoot/Log MIM
3/10-DAH 114
Promotions Day Prep
View PKG 2
Weather Producing
Sports Producing
Assignment: Work on 12:00 News
Shoot/Log MIM
3/12-DAH 101
Promotions Day
In Class Team Assignment
Due: PKG 2
Assignment: Work on 12:00 News
Shoot/Log MIM
3/17-DAH 101
Final Preps 12:00 News
Critique PKG 2
Weather and Sports Anchoring
Due: 12:00 News Rundowns & Scripts
Assignment: Work on MIM Logging/Script
3/24-DAH 101
12:00 News Day 2
3/5-DAH 101
Producing Strategies for 12:00 News
Creating Interesting Newscasts
Pace/Flow/Production Techniques
Assignment: Work on 12:00 News
Work on MIM Logging/Script
3/19-DAH 101
12:00 News Day 1
(2 anchor, Weather, Sports, Live Reporter,
2x1:00 breaks)
Assignment: Work on MIM Logging/Script
3/26-DAH 114
Review 12:00 News
**Special Guest**
MIM Updates
Assignment: Work on MIM Logging/Script
No Class-Spring Break
**MIM Shooting must be completed by the
end of spring break**
Assignment: Work on MIM Logging/Script
No Class-Spring Break
4/7-DAH 114
MIM Team Updates
20:00 News Assignment Given
Package Review
Story Meeting PKG 3
4/9-DAH 114
Review MIM-Tape screened in class
Breaking News Prep
Reporting Breaking News
Story Meeting: PKG 3
Assignment: Work on MIM Script
Work on 20:00 News
Breaking News Day-In Class Team
Assignment: Work on MIM Script due Tues
Work on 20:00 News
Work on PKG 3
MIM Script Review
View PKG 3
Due: MIM Script
Assignment:Work on 20:00 News
Work on PKG 3
MIM Rewrite Review
Group Meetings MIM
Final Preps 20:00 News I
Due: PKG 3
Assignment: MIM Rewrite
Assignment: Work on 20:00 News
20:00 News I
(2 anchors, weather, sports, live reporter,
breaking news reporter, 2x1:00 breaks)
Due: 20:00 Rundowns & Scripts (Due day
before show by noon)
Assignment: Edit MIM
Work on 20:00 News
MIM Group Meetings-View 1st Edits
MIM Hosts/Shooters Assigned
Final Preps 20:00 News II
Assignment: Edit MIM-Due Tues.
Work on 20:00 News
20:00 News II
Due: 20:00 Rundowns & Scripts (Due day
before show by noon)
Due: First Edit MIM
Assignment: Work on MIM Edit, Scripts
MIM Group Meetings-Final Edit Due
Final Preps 20:00 News III
Due: 20:00 Rundowns & Scripts (Due day
before show by noon)
Due: Final Edit MIM
Assignment: Work on MIM Edit/Scripts
Assignment: Re-edit MIM
Finish MIM Scripts
20:00 News III
Due: MIM Scripts/Intros
Final Meeting: Wednesday May 13th, 1:10-3:10 pm
MIM Programs will be viewed