Document 11895862

Adsorp'on of An'bio'cs onto Nanodiamond Pla4orms Amanda Pentecost Objec've: An'bio'c layer Nanodiamond Par'cle An8bio8c drugs physiosorbed onto the surface of nanodiamond (ND) par8cles, and then released via natural elu8on. Impact: ND’s rich surface chemistry can be easily tuned in order to control the strength of adsorp8on between the an8bio8c drug and ND surface. Therefore, it will be possible to create TAILORABLE DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS in order to IMPROVE TARGETING and INCREASE EFFICACY. The materials showed rela8vely high adsorp8on and low desorp8on through natural elu8on. This approach can be applied to other drug delivery systems, for example, those including chemotherapeu8c drugs. To develop a standard method to determine the adsorp8on mechanism and desorp8on kine8cs for different an8bio8cs adsorbed onto different types of modified ND. Approach: Genera8on and analysis of adsorp8on isotherms and desorp8on plots for different an8bio8cs onto different types of modified ND. Conclusions based on the ac8ve surface groups par8cipa8ng in physiosorp8on, and also fiUng the data to common isotherm models. Contact: Dr. Yury Gogotsi Director, Drexel Nanotechnology Ins8tute Materials Science and Engineering E-­‐mail: Phone: (215) 895-­‐6446