Faculty Library Committee Minutes Wednesday, September 20, 2013 Murphy Library, Room 121

Faculty Library Committee Minutes
Wednesday, September 20, 2013
Murphy Library, Room 121
Present: Shelley Sinclair (Chair), Kim DeFazio, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Taviare Hawkins,
Jenifer Holman, Sergey Komissarov, Sumei Liu, Amy Wolff (James Murray was
Guest: Catherine Lavallée-Welch, Library Director
Meeting Convened at 2:19pm
Minutes from last week: Approved
Old Business: None
New Business:
Catherine Lavallée-Welch informed the Committee of some of the upcoming issues to
be addressed related to the new budget, which she will present to the university in the
next week. Issues include the following:
AIOC Funds: Last Year’s Request: $146, 0000
$125, 000 were for electronic sources (which are of particular interest to
students—JSTOR, major newspapers, etc)
$1,000 for promoting programs
Expecting to make about same request for AIOC Funds this year, but electronic
source fees may go up, meaning this sum will be larger.
New Projects in Building that will address:
water infiltration problems
other repairs to building
more computer work stations (30 computers and furniture)
The Institute Center for Excellence (ICE) will be moving into the rooms across
from the main entrance of the library. This space is next to Collections, and will
require carving out some of the storage room from Collections for now.
Renovation of Circulation Desk: In 2014, will start planning for renovating
circulation desk area to make it more user-friendly and welcoming.
Pursue Proposal for Multimedia Lab/Maker Space. The proposed room, which
would be on the upper floor of the library, would provide computers, more
powerful video and audio editing technologies, a green screen, 3-D printers. It
would also be based more on students’ individual use, not necessarily on basis
of specific courses or class schedule.
Strategic Plan. Review of the Library mission and vision and what the Library
wants to achieve.
Jen Holman discussed with the committee a list of Journals subscriptions that do not get
used (or are used very infrequently). These will be cancelled in consultation with
Library Liaisons to Departments.
Total of titles proposed to be cut is $40,000-- Journals are from basic
Many are still available through ILL, or in digital databases, even if the
subscription is cancelled
Deadline to make cancellation decisions: September 30
The Library will be able to subscribe to new journals if unused journals are
cancelled, and in this way the Library can catch up with new curricula and
new faculty interests.
Student Exhibit at 3:30 in Murphy’s Mug (9/20)
1st Freedom to Read Event (9/25)
Pilot Program in journals has been announced. This allows faculty to take out certain
journals/magazines for a week.
Meeting adjourned at: 3:05????
Respectfully submitted by Kim DeFazio