Record of Verbal Counseling

Record of Verbal Counseling
Name: ___________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________
The Record of Verbal Counseling serves as an opportunity to provide the student with a verbal notice to
correct an action prior to anything appearing in their personnel file. Students not showing improvement
in the action will receive a written warning letter to be placed in their personnel file at the Student
Employment Office, followed by potential termination. Actions and behaviors that result in verbal
counseling are listed below (please note that this is not a comprehensive list).
Excessive Absence
Excessive Tardiness
Failure to complete timesheet
Failure to properly clock in and out
Inconsistency in time worked & timesheet
Failure to adhere to deadline(s)
Unwillingness to be a team player
Failure to call when not reporting to work
Violation of confidentiality
Failure to complete assigned task(s)
Violation of dress code
Other-Please specify:
Summary of Violation (Please attach any documentation)
Summary of Corrective Action Plan
Supervisor Signature: ________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
Department Head/Manager: ________________________________
Date: _____________________________
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