An internationally recognized diplomat for the United States, is a

Cebrowski Institute Brown Bag
The Arab Spring What’s going to happen in the middle east?
Fri, April 29
GE 203
Co-author of “A New Deal: A Plan for Sustainable
Afghan Stability” Honorable Kian was awarded
the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Freedom partly
due to his ground breaking work in Iraq and
Aghanistan. We will share his experiences and
expertise, focusing on:
* Is the Middle East a region in turmoil,
transition or something else?
* What does the future hold for the middle east?
* How will the unfolding events impact U.S.
interests in the region?
The Honorable Bijan R. Kian is the
highest-ranking Iranian American in the
United States Government. He has served
two presidents of the United States and has
been confirmed twice by the Senate of
the United States.He serves as a member of
the Board of directors of the Export-Import
Bank of the United States and he is a former
director of the State of California Office of
Foreign Investment.