Midterm Exam 2 Info.

Midterm Exam 2 Info.
1. Where to go and when?
- Durham 0171
- 3:10 pm on Monday, March 9
2. What to study?
- Homework 4, 5, 6, 7
- Lecture notes through Lecture #15
- Dr. Hofmann’s Lecture Notes: Ch 2 (Sections 2.2-2.5)
- Baron Ch 3 (Section 3.4), Ch. 4 (All Sections)
- The course material is naturally cumulative, so you are responsible for
material from Midterm Exam I, as well. (i.e., can’t forget RV’s and pmf’s etc)
- Look at practice problems carefully. They are typical of Exam 2 contents.
3. What to bring?
- One two-sided formula sheet
1. You may prepare one two-sided ``formula sheet’’ to use during the midterm.
You can write definitions, theorems, formulas, etc. (anything you think will be
useful) on your ``formula sheet.’’ Do not include problems and solutions from
practice questions or homework. I will not collect your formula sheets. OR
2. You may use the formula sheet I provide on this website
You must have you ISU Id card with you. I may require you to display it if necessary.
4. What I will provide:
- CDF’s of Binomial, Poisson, and Normal distributions from Appendix A of
Dr. Hofmann’s notes (reproduced at Stat 330 course website)
- A table with pdf’s/pmf’s means, and variances of specific discrete
and continuous distributions.