Independent Work : Homework and Class Work for ENG IIA

Homework and Class Work for
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
2nd Pd: Dena Hassan, Carrie Hurst, Adelinda Stevens,
Corey Hurst
4th Pd: Amy Sabon,
5th Pd: Feby Riddle, Anthony Frei
Independent Work :
Make up Vocabulary Chapter 7 Test. Schedule for a Monday after school to complete (5 points).
1. Complete the Identifying Theme packet for credit as a formative assessment. This will help determine future
instruction. Please answer to the best of your ability.
2. Read Warriors Don’t Cry (check out book from teacher to complete assignment). completed follow the protocol
1. Read the assigned pages or chapter. See board for today’s reading assignment. Ch. 15-16, Ch. 17-18
2. Complete a summary for today’s reading. If your class period is noted on the board, turn in to the tray on
the bookcase:
Please complete this work on your own and turn in for credit.
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