Independent Work : Homework and Class Work for ENG IIA

Homework and Class Work for
2nd Pd: Shelby Centers,
4th Pd:
Thursday, August 29, 2013
5th Pd:
Independent Work :
Review for the Vocabulary Chapter Two Test tomorrow by writing one sentence for each of the ten words using the word
appropriately. TURN IN FOR CREDIT.
1. Reread the story “Eleven” from the previous class and annotate the text.
2. Write one sentence telling what the story is about
3. Write a paragraph (4-5 sentences minimum) of response to the story
Your thoughts about the story's value and worth, ways the text details affect you, memories or
associations it brings to mind, speculations about the writer or the writer's purpose for writing the
story. Try to explain why these are your impressions.
4. Identify the tone, mood, theme and author’s purpose.
5. Write five questions about the story - one literal, two interpretive, and two evaluative
Please complete this work on your own and turn in for credit.