Paragraph Writing

Anatomy of the Paragraph Writing Strategy
This step cues the writer to rationally
organize the information using
clustering and prioritizing.
Each step elicits an overt response
that can be evaluated and on which
corrective feedback can be given.
The first letters
spell “SCRIBE,” the
meaning of which
is related to the
Only a few steps are
used to facilitate
complex cognitive
Each step begins
with a verb that
facilitates an active
Set up a diagram
Create the title
Reveal the topic
Iron out the details
Bind it together with a clincher
Edit your work
University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning 2006
These steps cue the writer
to use a transformational strategy
to summarize the paragraph.
These steps cue the
writer to use another
strategy (Sentence
Writing) which includes
a monitoring strategy.
This step cues the
writer to monitor his
work using an adaptation
of another strategy.