ENG 100 Reading Response Journal

ENG 100 Reading Response Journal
For each reading assignment you will complete a Reading Response Journal which will consist of two
components to demonstrate your understanding of and engagement with the text.
Component One:
1/2 page summary of the chapter
Use your notes to give an overview of the text’s main points.
Component Two:
1/2-1 page critical commentary in which you show that you have intellectually engaged with the ideas
expressed in the chapter. Banish feelings from these journals. These are about thinking. Some
questions to consider might include but are not limited to:
What are the implications of what you have learned in your reading?
How can you use and apply this knowledge in your life?
Where do you see examples of the ideas being taught in your everyday life? Does understanding the
strategies employed affect the way you view these?
Kay M. Hedrick
Rev. 08/12