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Classroom Times
Mrs. Graham (T.H.E. 4th Grade MUSTANGS)
Week ending 09/11/2015
Right On Target
~identify the 5 key features of a Friendly Letter
~determine the Author's Purpose for writing
~identify and write simple and compound
~use knowledge of synonyms and antonyms to
determine the meaning of unknown words
~identify and extend repeating geometric or
repeating number patterns
~identify and extend whole-number patterns
involving addition and subtraction
~extend tables of ordered pairs for situations
involving multiplication, addition, or subtraction
We could really use a donation for our next
Science Mystery (Energy Conversion &
Engineering). Next week we will construct
Bumper Coasters; we need pipe insulation
and marbles. If you happen to have some
of these materials "lying around the house",
please email me so I can purchase, plan,
and prep, as necessary.
~(7) 3-foot-lengths of foam pipe insulation
for 3/4 inch pipe
~(28) small marbles (standard 5/8 inch)
Right On Target
~use evidence to explain the
relationship between the speed of
an object to the energy of that object
~use scientific ideas to design, test,
and refine a device that converts
energy from one form to another
~identify the 6 Regions of Kentucky
~You can access our Reading Street
and enVisionMath textbooks & support
materials on the web.
~Fact Fluency can be practiced daily
through the xtraMath website.
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Field Trips...
~Fri. 09/18 Farm Safety Day
~Fri. 09/25 Storytelling Festival
~Tues. 09/29 Feed the Mind
No School...
~Thursday 10/01
~Friday 10/02
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