Physics 313: Assignment 6 Problem 1: Problems From The Book

Physics 313: Assignment 6
Made available: Sunday, November 9, 2008
Due in class:
Monday, November 17, 2008
Problem 1: Problems From The Book
Please answer
1. Problem 5.5 on page 207.
2. Problem 6.1
3. Problem 6.3
4. Problem 6.6
5. Problem 6.10
6. Problem 6.11
7. Extra credit: 6.12.
Problem 2: Some Problems Outside the Book
Download the short tutorial on elementary webpage.
1. Read through the tutorial and take notes of any points you don’t understand so we can discuss them
in class.
2. Write the answers to the “Challenges” in your homework assignment.
Problem 3: Time To Complete This Assignment
Please tell me the approximate time in hours that it took you to complete this assignment.
Please also give me any comments that you might have about the course: are the lectures understandable
and useful? Are the level and pace of the course appropriate? Are the homework problems helping you to
learn the material? Do you have any recommendations to improve the course?