Supreme Court Project

Supreme Court Project
Required Information:
A.) Date of Birth and Current Age
B.) Birthplace/Home state
C.) Name of President he/she was appointed
by/year and age of appointment
D.) Education and degrees
F.) Work History: previous judgeships/legal
G.) Political Leanings (liberal/conservative)
How do they interpret the Constitution? Strict
constructionist v. Liberal (loose) interpretation
H.) Their opinion on one prominent case (majority or
dissenting opinion)
I.) Confirmation Proceedings and Vote
J.) One extra fun fact or something they are known for
Websites to Use
◦ Sample Case
Product and Rubric
Create either a brochure or poster that
includes all of the requirement information
listed in Slide #2 on the Justice you are
assigned to research. (30 points)
Must include one picture of the Justice you
are assigned to research. (I will print this for
you.) (10 points)
All information must be neatly handwritten
in marker so that it can be easily read. (10