Installing the VPN on Mac (first time - one time... 1. Log into the VPN (

Installing the VPN on Mac (first time - one time setup)
1. Log into the VPN ( from Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
Use your current AD credentials.
(NOTE: VPN is not compatible with Google Chrome)
(NOTE: Version numbers may vary)
2. The very first time VPN is used, you need to install the plug-in.
In the Tunnel Mode box, scroll down to the plug-in link, click to install the plug-in.
3. The file will download to wherever your browser is set to save downloads, most
likely your downloads folder.
Double click the “FortiClientMiniSetup-Mac-Enterprise-5.4.0.dmg” file. You
should now see this window….. (note, version numbers may vary)
You may see this window, continue by clicking “Open”
the download of the installer will begin…..
Click “Install”
and follow the prompts…….
Please pay special attention to the next step (#4)……
4. This window requires some settings changes to modify installed software.
Please click the “Customize” button…..
Uncheck the box for “Other Components”
Now you can finish the install by clicking the “Install” button and inputting your
computers admin account username and password. If this is a KU computer then
your credentials should be your KU email login.
5. After the install is complete Please quit the FortiClient application by
clicking “Shutdown FortiClient” from the Menu bar and enter your admin credentials
when prompted……
6. Final step is to remove The “FortiClient” application……
Drag “FortiClient” to the trash.
That completes the install (one time only) of the VPN software required for KU.
Created 12.03.15 DB