Directions for PDE’s Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)
Note that this must now be completed in addition to the 338 G Form.
Eventually, the 338 G Form will not be required.
2. LOG IN with your Username and password. If you have not set this up yet
you will need to do so now and click Register instead.
3. Click on Teachers
4. Click on TIMS > Under Log In Status (middle of the page towards the
bottom) you will need to click here to access the TIMS application
5. Fill in> SS#, DOB, Official First Name, Last Name and Middle Initial
6. Then it will give you your PPID (Professional Personnel ID#) you will
need this number for submitting ACT 48 etc. So save this number!!
7. Then the Dashboard will come up 8. Click on NEW CREDENTIAL APPLICATION
9. Requested Credential Type > Click Drop Down Menu
10. Click Instructional 1 (61) this is for all undergraduates and post
baccalaureate students. (Counselors and Nurses are Educational
11. Next section below is Click here to select certification subject area to be
requested (here is where you will choose your major(s) Ex: Special
Education and Elementary Education
12. Then Click include selected certification subject area(s) in my application
once you have choose all your majors. Please do not list your add on here
if you took more Praxis II test. That is another application once this is
13. Answer the 2-3 questions
14. Click Continue
15. Answer questions 1-7
16. Click the box at the Affidavit
17. Click Continue
Step 1. Demographic Information:
• Fill in Demographic information
• Click the next button (this is located at the top of the page)
Step 2. Education Information
• Click add a new record
• Fill in information (For Question 1 this is for Bachelors/Masters) so if you
are a post baccalaureate and received your bachelors/masters here indicate
• Click Save
• Post Baccalaureate students click Educator Preparation Program (look for
Click here to add Educator Prep. Program)
• Then select the box that says Educator Prep Program not listed above
o Then choose your program
o Ok
• Then also select Program level (which would be Post Baccalaureate)
• Program level/type click Non traditional
• Attendance start date and end date
Click save after answering last two questions. Click Next
Step 3.
Only if you hold another PA Teacher Certification or an Out of State Certification
If not click next
Step 4. Work Experience
Already Certified teachers only fill this out
Click next
Step 5.
Tells you about requirements and Proof of Documents
• You do not need transcripts for your level one since you completed
a program through KU
Click Next
Scroll through information and make sure it is all correct
Click on the Code of Conduct
After this will be payment and to finish application and print/save Coversheet.