Investigating the Causes of Medicare Spending Growth

Investigating the Causes of Medicare
Spending Growth
Chair: Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, RAND
#1: Long Term Trends in Medicare Payments in the Last Year of Life
(Gerald Riley, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
#2: Treatment Intensity and Health Care Spending Growth Among the Elderly
(Baoping Shang, Urban Institute)
#3: Are Expenditures Higher for Those Entering Medicare at Age 65 Having Been
Previously Uninsured?
(Sandra Decker, National Center for Health Statistics)
#4: Medicare Fees and the Volume of Physicians' Services
(Presenter: not Jack Hadley, Jim Reschovsky, Center for Studying Health
System Change)
#5: Volume Growth in Medicare: An Investigation of Ten Physicians' Services
(Presenter: not Teryl Nuckols, Bob Berenson, Urban Institute)
Medicare Costs as a Percentage of GDP
Source: A Summary of the 2008 Annual Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund Reports