Title : Influences of Pulse (deceleration) in a full frontal crash at 56Km/h (USNCAP); biomechanical reactions and passenger safety.

Introduction :

The structural behaviour of a car is characterized by the Pulse, which determines the complexity of the Safety Restrain System (SRS). It is essential that the structural design and main package definitions are agreed upon in the early stages of the project as it is possible to define a more effective and optimum SRF if engineers know and understand which variables affect this pulse from the outset.

Project Brief :

Procedure and Methodology:

- Pulse compilation from NHTSA Data Base and data classification by Vehicle Category.

- Definition of main Criteria of analysis (relationship between Pulse and Occupant response)

- Correlation of those Criteria with the NHTSA Data Base Compilation

- Definition of a realistic best performance Pulse

- Recommendation regarding: Packaging, minimal / maximum deformation distances, etc...


Name: Centro Técnico de SEAT, S.A

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Project team:

Number of students: 4-6

Students speciality : x  Business Management x  Mechanical engineering x  Electrical engineering

 Electronics engineering

 Chemical engineering

 Computer engineering.

 Telecommunications engineering.

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