Project Universal design

Title: Accessibility and Universal design
Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to
as many people as possible.
Universal design is the idea of producing any product, device, service or environment is
inherently accessible to all people independent to their abilities.
People in the world are characterized by having different abilities. (for watching, hearing,
walking, holding, manipulating, understanding…) However, our society has been planned and
developed just for a majority of people with standard abilities without considering all the
individuals in society.
That unavoidably makes that a group of people, actually increasing with aging and other
causes, be excluded from social life or wellbeing.
Products, services, environments… can be planned to improve the life quality of a specific
group of people with disabilities or can be designed with the universal design principles to
improve the life quality of all people independently to their abilities.
Project Brief:
The project will be addressed to the design of assistive tools and devices for primary or
secondary education pupils in order to improve their inclusion with mates and promote the
equal opportunities at school. Each year the target student and the device to design is
Name: Càtedra d’Accesibilitat
Address: Av. Víctor Balaguer, s/n. 08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) Spain
Contact person:
Raquel Vállez, 93 8967245
Project team:
Number of students:
Students speciality:
 Business Management
x Mechanical engineering
x Electrical engineering
 Electronics engineering
 Chemical engineering
 Computer engineering
 Telecommunications engineering
 ………….
 ………….