Peer Review & Revision Writers:

Land 1
Peer Review & Revision
This is your paper. You know what you need help with better than anyone else. Before you receive
feedback, identify 2-3 areas of for revision that you want a partner to review help you with. Be sure to let the
reader know the specific type of feedback you want. You may check a few of the boxes below or come up with
your own request. You may also mark specific paragraphs for the reader to “ignore”.
Major Revisions
Minor Revisions
Do I have clear points in each paragraph?
How can I connect these two ideas so they flow?
Where should I expand my analysis?
Does this sentence make sense?
Did I define terms in the right place?
Did I use the quotations correctly?
Do my examples support the point?
Did I cite the author and page correctly?
Do I have enough support for each point?
Do I have any dead words such as
things stuff
all none always never
a lot
get, got, getting
Do you see any places where details from the
class reading might oppose or contradict my
Can you help me think about the opposing
view and where I might add one?
Readers: In addition to providing feedback the writer requested, be sure to underline and star at least 2 strong
lines in your partner’s paper.
Proofreading/Editing Tips (LAST STEP)
1. Do this LAST! When you are done adding, cutting, rearranging ideas in your paper, run spell check and
grammar check. The computer isn’t always correct, so pay attention to each change it suggests.
2. Now, print your paper out and take a break. Go on a walk. Watch a movie. Get away from your paper
for at least 2 hours. You could even finish your Works Cited page. Use Easy Bib or the Library’s Works
Cited MLA 7 Guide.
3. Take a red pen and read your paper slowly to yourself out loud. Notice when you trip over your own
sentences or where something doesn’t quite sound right. Rework those sentences.
Check your punctuation (i.e. periods, commas, correct MLA citations).
For example, Yosso describes how many “… African American mothers…raise their daughters as resisters …
and teach their daughters to assert themselves as intelligent, beautiful, strong” (Yosso 81) women.
5. Return to the computer, make all changes and print the final draft. You must turn in the proofread copy
with the Final Draft. Your packet includes: Final Draft, Proofread Copy, First Draft, Planning Outline