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Summary of Qualifications
 Well-rounded professional with design and development experience and a strong balance between hands-on abilities
and technical knowledge and skills; particularly adept at providing cradle-to-grave semiconductor equipment mechanical
design and installation.
 Take assemblies from concept to installation, carefully implementing all steps along the way; ensure products meet
company and regulatory requirements.
 Design and detail parts for assemblies and systems; operate, analyze, and troubleshoot machines.
 Stay abreast of technological advances and issues.
 Collaborate with a variety of groups in order to complete assignments.
 Provide detailed installation and operation documentation.
 Interface with users worldwide; while remotely troubleshooting systems, take into account translation of terminology,
processes, and concepts.
 Consistently look at what will help the customer and how the company’s bottom line will be affected; support solutions
rather than focusing on problems; continually look for ways to improve situations and equipment needs.
 Possess a BSME degree, with an emphasis in Design.
Core Strengths & Expertise
Vacuum Chambers / Mechanisms
Fabrication Methods / Principles
Machine / Part / Tool Design
Product Development / Test
Root Cause Analysis
System Layouts / Schematics
Concept / Design Reviews
Remote Failure Analysis
Sustained Engineering
Lean Manufacturing
Finite Element Analysis
Project Status Reports
Mathematical Skills
Equipment Specs
Design Solutions
Technical Knowledge
Solid Modeling:
Hands on:
Product Management:
Business Applications:
Pro-E, Mechanica, Mechanisms with WinChill and Intralink, Unigraphics NX
Metal & Wood Lathes, End Mill, Band Saw, Drill Press
LabVIEW DAQ, PNP and NPN sensors
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project
Senior Mechanical Engineer. LAM RESEARCH, Fremont, CA (2008-Present)
(Semiconductor capitol equipment manufacturer)
 Created models and assemblies for various Lam products, according to Marketing-defined specifications and
engineering requirements, using NX for the New Products Development group..
 Designed chambers and components utilizing PEEK, polycarbonate, CPVC and Halar coated aluminum parts.
 Studies and redesigned the pH probe assembly to optimize lifetime and operation.
 Created wafer brush drive unit.
 Generated complicated product trees, BOMs, ECOs, reviewed detail drawings, and quotes.
 Assembled and tested sub-assemblies and major assemblies.
 Procured quotes and ordered parts.
 Documented procedure.
 Trouble shot mechanical and electrical systems and implemented solutions.
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Staff Mechanical Engineer. MATTSON TECHNOLOGY, Fremont, CA (1999-2008)
(Semiconductor capitol equipment manufacturer)
Modeled and detailed parts for various Mattson products, according to Marketing-defined specifications and engineering requirements, using
Pro-E; use Mechanica and Mechanisms in the deflection and stress / strain analysis process.
Designed chambers to operate in a vacuum environment as well as anodized parts for the chambers.
Created specialty tools and jigs utilizing special materials; designed and made specialty tools to handle tasks previously difficult to complete.
Assembled a complex laser barcode reader system, directing the laser in the correct position and making sure the laser turned on only when
the cassette was present.
Generated complicated product trees, BOMs, ECOs, detail drawings, and quotes.
Created solutions for sustaining issues and CESes.
Provided assembly testing.
Procured quotes and ordered parts; redid and installed parts.
Documented procedures for engineers installing systems overseas.
Senior Mechanical Engineer. MATHESON TRI-GAS SYSTEMS, San Jose, CA (1998-1999)
(Gas-delivery cabinet manufacturer)
Performed R&D design of gas delivery systems using ME10; developed an automated gas valve testing system using LabVIEW.
Company relocated to the East Coast.
Mechanical Engineer. WOLFE ENGINEERING, Sunnyvale, CA (1998)
(Gas-delivery cabinet manufacturer)
Hired by company owner for this temporary assignment—based on reputation gained at Watkins Johnson—after being affected by a WJ RIF.
Provided R&D design of a safe delivery system that targeted implanters.
Field Engineer. WATKINS JOHNSON, Scotts Valley, CA (1989-1998)
(Semiconductor capitol equipment manufacturer)
Interfaced directly with customers in the field, traveling to Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong to solve machine design issues; was
often offsite for months at a time. Maintained a 100% problem resolution record.
Worked primarily with atmospheric pressure CVD.
Provided project management; interfaced with managers and negotiated timelines with other groups in order to complete projects on time.
Installed an entire machine into a fab for a high-profile customer, with a scheduled project time of 6 months; completed the project in 4
Received President’s Award for direct work with a customer that resulted in increasing uptime from 45% to 80% and the customer ordering
$4 million in additional equipment.
Graduate work in Systems Engineering SAN JOSE STATE UNIVSRSITY, San Jose, CA
B.S. Mechanical Engineering – Emphasis in Design. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, Berkeley, CA.
A.A. General Education. CHABOT COLLEGE (currently Las Positas), Livermore, CA.
U.S. Navy, Pacific Fleet - Hull Maintenance Technician, Second Class. Received hands-on experience using tools and machines.
Honorable Discharge
Community Activities:
On Water Guide Volunteer. Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department. Work closely with rangers to maintain safety of kayakers using
Santa Clara County’s lakes.
Volunteer. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Provide ocean education and help maintain adequate distance between
kayakers and wildlife in various ocean locations.
Avid kayaker and guitar player
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