Chabot College March 1993 Replaced Fall 2010

Chabot College
March 1993
Replaced Fall 2010
Course Outline for Machine Tool Technology 60B
Catalog Description:
60B – Machine Tool Technology II
(May be repeated 3 times)
4 units
Continuation of Machine Tool Technology 60A. Theory and laboratory practice relating to advanced
lathe and milling machine operations, gear cutting, steel and heat treating, basic surface and
cylindrical grinding, and introduction to metric measurement. Emphasis on correct machine tool
setups and quality of project work are stressed. Prerequisite: Machine Tool Technology 60A
(completed with a grade of “C” or higher). Strongly recommended: Industrial Technology 74.
2 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory.
[Typical contact hours: lecture 35, laboratory 105]
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. set up and perform advanced lathe operations, such as taper turning, boring, internal threading,
and form tool operations;
2. use basic milling machine attachments for indexing rotary table operations, precision boring, and
gear cutting;
3. set up and perform basic surface and cylindrical grinding operations;
4. convert English measurements to metric measurements;
5. use metric measuring tools, such as metric micrometers and calipers;
6. carburize and harden low carbon steel and heat treat oil hardening tool steel.
Course Content
Advanced lathe operations
Advanced milling machine operations
Basic surface grinding operations
Basic cylindrical grinding operations
Carburizing low carbon steel
Heat treating oil hardening tool steel
The metric system and conversions
Methods of Presentation:
Lectures; laboratory projects; demonstrations; visual aids; field trips
Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
Quality and quantity of project work completed; homework assignments; quizzes; midterm and final
Textbook(s) (Typical):
Technology of Machine Tools, Krar and Oswald, McGraw-Hill
Operations Manual for Machine Tool Technology, Clifford Oliver, Prentice-Hall
Special Student Materials:
Approved safety glasses; scientific calculator with trigonometric functions; padlock with two keys or a
combination lock
mk mach60B.out 3/93; 10/94