Chabot College January, 1993 105 - Basic Study-Reading Skills


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105 - Basic Study-Reading Skills

Course Outline for English 105


January, 1993

Removed Fall 2006

2 units

Preparation for success in college study and reading skills, emphasizing extensive practice in the discipline of reading college-level materials. 2 hours.

Expected Outcomes for Students:

Upon completion of this course students should:

1. understand and apply the physical and mental processes of good reading techniques;

2. concentrate, through the realization that all reading is thinking;

3. master critical skills used in college-level work;

4. form reliable concepts to aid reading and understanding ideas;

5. adjust their reading rates to their level and rate of comprehension according to the type of material and their knowledge of the subject;

6. define the purpose of the reading and adjust reading rate accordingly;

7. develop a more rapid reading rate.

Course Content:

1. The physical and mental processes of reading

2. The relationship of the reading process to the study process, including study skills and techniques

3. Mechanical reading skills and techniques: a. Practicing word attack skills and context clues b. Applying reading techniques to aid comprehension and ensure a higher rate of reading c. Defining the purpose of reading various materials and adjusting reading rate to rate of comprehension d. Skimming to find main ideas, specific facts, and to form an opinion

4. Reflective reading skills and techniques: a. Evaluating of all reading materials b. Specific techniques for evaluating types of reading materials c. Recognizing implications and forming inferences d. Summarizing succinctly e. Searching for and remembering details in their relationship to the total selection

Methods of Presentation:

1. Time, speed, and comprehension exercises and tests

2. Lecture-discussion, including class practice

3. Daily evaluation and grading of assigned work

4. Outside readings used to enlarge perspective

5. Use of controller reader, rate-o-meter, and remote retrieval systems

Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:

1. Classwork and homework

2. Vocabulary quizzes

3. Outside reading assignments

4. Final Examination

Chabot College

Course Outline for English 105, Page 2

January 1993

Textbook(s) (Typical):

Improving College Reading,

Jacobus, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich

Developing Reading Efficiency,

Miller, Burgess Pub.

Special Student Materials:

None gmc a:\wpfiles\coursout105