Chabot College Fall 2010

Chabot College
Fall 2010
Course Outline for Computer Application Systems 102
Catalog Description:
102 - Introduction to Assistive Technology
(May be repeated 3 times)
1 Unit
Self-paced lab course in assistive technology using screen reader, scan and read, speech
recognition, and screen enlargement software programs. Designed for students with disabilities,
based on their individual needs. 3 hours laboratory.
[Typical contact hours: 52.5]
Prerequisite Skills:
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. use screen reading, speech recognition and screen enlargement software;
2. use scan/read software:
a. to scan and read a document
b. to take notes
c. to use the dictionary
d. to take a quiz or fill in a form
3. use assistive technology in accessing the Internet.
Course Content:
Screen reading software
Speech recognition software
Screen enlargement software
Scan and read software
Methods of Presentation:
1. Instructor led self-paced small groups or individualized instruction
2. Small discussion groups in a laboratory setting
3. Instructor led Assistive Software Demonstrations
Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
1. Typical Assignments
a. Complete assignments successfully from handouts
b. Take short quizzes monthly in the prescribed assistive technology program
c. Print out assignments
2. Methods of Evaluating Student Progress
a. Final project
b. Completion of 2 books scanned and read
c. Quizzes and final examination
Chabot College
Course Outline for Computer Application Systems 102, Page 2
Fall 2010
Textbook(s) (Typical):
Dragon Naturally Speaking, Southwestern Publishing Company, 2008
Special Student Materials:
1. Portable storage device (USB)
2. Headset with speaker for dictation
3. Kurzweil, Dragon, or JAWS Software
CAS 102 course outline
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