Health & Safety Committee Meeting
Building 2300 / Room 2340
Thursday, November 13, 2008 / 12 Noon – 2PM
1. There was discussion of the significance of access cards as part of the Master
Security Plan.
2. Several persons brought up the issue of disruptive students and the
importance of installing panic buttons. It was thought that this would go a
long way to ensuring safety on campus. There was discussion as to how much
they would cost and whether or not we have the infrastructure to actually
install them.
3. There was discussion of how the access cards would be worn, either visible or
not. Two persons thought that they would rather not be identifiable to the
general populace while walking out of their classroom. Other people thought
that it would be nice to be readily visible especially in the event of an
4. Rosafel discussed flu shots here on campus and the fact that there would be
an upcoming Health and Safety Fair during the spring of 2009.
Future Meetings:
February 19, 2009