ASL Appendix F6: Conference and Travel Requests [ Acct. Category...

Appendix F6: Conference and Travel Requests [ Acct. Category 5000]
Audience: Staff Development Committee, Administrators, Budget Committee, PRBC
Purpose: To request funding for conference attendance, and to guide the Budget and Staff Development
Committees in allocation of funds.
Instructions: Please list specific conferences/training programs, including specific information on the
name of the conference and location. Note that the Staff Development Committee currently has no
budget, so this data is primarily intended to identify areas of need that could perhaps be fulfilled on
campus, and to establish a historical record of need. Your rationale should discuss student learning goals
and/or connection to the Strategic Plan goal.
American Sign Language
Teachers Association
2013-14 Request
$1000 with cost of
conference, travel,
hotel etc.
The ASLTA offers a yearly conference (2014 date
and location has yet to be announced) in which
ASL faculty travel from all over the nation to
attend the 4-5 day conference. This is a great
opportunity for professional development. I
would be able to gain knowledge and learn new
trends in the world of ASL teaching.