Planning, Review and Budget Council M I N U T E S

Planning, Review and
Budget Council
PRBC Membership
George Railey
Kathy Kelly
Yvonne Wu Craig
Celia Barberena, President
George Railey, VPAcad Services
Howard Irvin, VP Student Services
Yulian Ligioso, VP Admin Services
Tram Vo-Kumamoto, Math & Science
Academic Senate - Kathy Kelley
Budget - Tim DaveAcademic Policy - Ming-Lun Ho
Staff Development - Jennifer Lange
SLOAC - Carole Splendore
Basic Skills – Carolyn Arnold
Health & Safety – Ruben Pola
CEMC – Vacant
Technology – Vacant
Curriculum – Jane Church
Facilities – Vacant
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Building 200, Board Room
3:00 – 5:00 PM
Accreditation Site Visit Report
George Railey, VP of Academic Services expressed appreciation
for the work of SLOAC, the Center for Teaching and Learning
Institutional Research, and all who worked on the report. It was
solid and well written and documented report and the accreditation
committee was impressed with the work on:
• program review – as revamped
• progress on 49% programs with Program-Level Outcomes
• documentation lists of Course-Level Outcomes (CLO’s)
A draft letter from the commission is expected soon and the official
letter by early February.
Faculty Prioritization Committee Update
Carolyn Arnold
Requested new positions—unlikely to be filled but we are working
through the process for the possibility of future funding:
• New faculty
• Dean of Academic Services
Yvonne Wu Craig
Cheryl Sannebeck
Gordon Watt
According to the process, the prioritization will be done twice and
then the nine (9) remaining positions will be prioritized and sent
back to PRBC for input. These positions should be tied to
Strategic Plan goals.
Catherine Powell
It was suggested by PRBC members that the presentation of
requests should be made using the Program Review template to
assure continuity and uniformity in presentations. Discussion
focused on linking Program Review and personnel requests – the
program review documents should use the same format and be
explicitly linked with requests for new personnel. One example is
the learning connection unit plan.
Don Bosco Hu – ASCC President
Rotating Reps
Carolyn Arnold
Rajinder Samra
Kirstin Land, Language Arts
Andrew Pierson, Social Sciences
Lani Wilson, Counseling
There is a question of how to bring up a new dean position or any
administrator position, in general. This issue should be discussed
and should go through Academic Senate, College Council, PRBC,
faculty & staff, library and learning services – basically all units should have input into the process.
However, fiscal/budgetary considerations cannot be the sole decision points: we need to find a way if
positions are warranted after vetting through the above groups.
Committee Reports and Communications about committee decisions and accomplishments
In order to streamline processes, we want to have one-line [concise and pithy] reports in the Hotsheet
to minimize need for meetings and maximize communication about PRBC and committee activities.
This would facilitate campus-wide awareness of progress and decision points.
Yulian Ligioso, VP of Business Services - Fiscal Forecast:
Expected cuts to funding equal about $8-10 million that we may have to borrow to pay current bills.
There is a 50% chance of mid-year cuts that would come from COLA growth of 2.21%, funds that equal
to $125 million may offset some of these cuts and needs to borrow.
The college expenditure pattern is down $750,000 this year. An additional reduction from the Childcare
Laboratory School of $700,000 in 2008-2009 and down to $420,000 for 2009-2010 is a huge
improvement over last year. Community Education showed a small improvement for a $150,000 loss in
2009-2010 compared with the 2008-2009 year of $152,000. The Performing Arts Center showed
improvement from 2008-2009 from a negative balance to a positive $50,000 balance in 2009-2010. The
Bookstore textbook rental program saved a phenomenal $510,000 cost to students, but revenues are
down 14% for 2009-2010 since the rental program took away from total sales. Even the $200,000
2008-2009 break-even was due to amortization of debt. That debt will now be carried by the general
fund. Unrestricted monies from general fund will now alleviate tutoring as well.
Budget committee:
A white paper suggests Budget committee function more like other community colleges in that:
• will serve in an advising role on college budget matters
• be privy to other committee decisions
• be a repository of the committee decisions that impact budget
• disseminate what is going on with budget.
Questions to Yulian arose as to workload reductions. How will day-to-day faculty and staff be alerted to
possible layoffs? There are no layoffs planned, but if necessary faculty and staff may be relocated in
collaboration with collective bargaining units and meeting minimum qualifications for other positions.
There are NO PLANS for layoffs at this moment.
Faculty obligation of 75/25%, faculty compared to other staff was suspended and the 50% rule was
never enforced [from AB 1725].
Grant Report
This report is being provided because the College needs to know what our grant-writer is working on
and what grants we currently have.
In the works:
• Employment Plus II Program for High-Risk Youth – Alameda County Workforce Investment
Board funding
Gates Foundation Completion by Design
TRIO Talent Search Proposals – to help local middle and high school youth become collegeready
Title V Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) proposals
HSI USDA proposal that is looking to develop Environmental Studies
Promise Neighborhoods: Tram is on planning team to for this planning grant which focuses on
building a Cradle-to-Career pipeline with a possible STEM focus, collaboration with childcare
agencies, teacher preparation, counseling and social services within a targeted 4-block area.
Lani Wilson inquired about a Lumina foundation grant for the diminishing African-American population
and offered help, if needed, if a proposal was written. A suggestion was also made about the
importance of collaborations for cost effectiveness and reducing duplications of efforts.
How grants are chosen:
• Matches SP goals,
• builds on current projects,
• addresses our population’s needs
• what is available/comes up as a possibility and
• who is willing to work on it.
Yvonne has also reviewed the faculty and staff prioritization lists, to see what needs could be met via
Ruben Pola, Director of Campus Safety also provided an update on the Health and Safety Committee’s
priorities for 2010-11.
1) Disseminating safety bulletins via Alert U and e-mail to campus students
2) Creating an Employee Handbook on how to keep safe emergency/safety in a disaster.
3) Addressing issues on overall campus safety: cameras, badges, burglar alarms, lighting, etc.
Review and approval of PRBC Agenda Items
The following PRBC Agenda items for the year were approved by member
• Status of Grants Subcommittee
• Classified Staffing Requests
• Administrative and Student Services Program Review Timeline
• Re-evaluation of Deans/Area Manager Summaries process (time permitting)
• Scheduling upcoming meetings for Spring 2011
• Faculty and Classified Prioritization
• Feedback process for Program Review
• Process for institutionalizing successful initiatives
With the addition of
• Solidifying the template for the faculty prioritization to mirror the templates in the Academic
Program Review document
• Creating a clearer template for Deans/Area Manager Summaries
Yvonne also confirmed the due date for Academic Program reviews to be due Friday, March 11, 2011
and will send an email to the campus.