J. Nelson Rushton, Ph.D. Title -- Circuitbot: crowd source program verification

J. Nelson Rushton, Ph.D.
Tuesday, Feb 18 at 3:30 in Electrical Engineering Room 226 (aka, the Bullen Room).
Title -- Circuitbot: crowd source program verification
Texas Tech Computer Science department, in collaboration with Kestrel Technology and Left Brain
Games, Inc., has developed a game called Circuitbot in research funded by the Department of Defense.
You can play Circuitbot here, if you would like to: http://circuitbot.verigames.com The game is actually a
puzzle which is mathematically equivalent to problems in the verification of certain DoD software. In the
talk I will discuss the verification problem, the equivalence, and the development of the game. I will also
discuss my strategy in obtaining the grant.
All faculty and students in all departments are welcome.