Chabot College Fall 2002 7 - Contemporary Issues

Chabot College
Fall 2002
Replaced Fall 2010
Course Outline for Psychology-Counseling 7
Catalog Description:
7 - Contemporary Issues
(May be repeated 3 times)
1-3 units
Contemporary life issues related to social effectiveness, and educational and career development.
Explores issues through an examination of current counseling related research findings and
resource materials. Limit of 6 units. 1-3 hours.
[Typical contact hours: 17.5 - 52.5]
Prerequisite Skills:
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. demonstrate understanding of the theoretical background of a specific contemporary
life issue;
2. apply the potential practical applications of concepts discussed to life and educational
3. utilize specific techniques or strategies to modify personal behavior.
Course Content:
Specific content to be examined each semester will be selected on the basis of perceived
contemporary interest in subject and availability of current resource materials and
documented research articles. Practical applications of concepts to contemporary life and
educational situations will be explored.
Study of decision-making strategies,
Self-esteem, substance abuse and recovery
Career environments
Behavioral motivation
Methods of Presentation:
1. Lecture-discussion, small group interaction
2. Films and other audio-visual materials
3. Guest lectures and class demonstrations
Chabot College
Course Outline for Psychology-Counseling 7, Page 2
Fall 2002
Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
1. Typical Assignments
a. Research paper
b. Review topics for class discussion
c. Oral presentations
2. Methods of Evaluating Student Progress
a. Class participation in discussion
b. Written and oral examinations
c. Research paper
Textbook(s) (Typical):
Don’t Miss Out, Ann & Robert Leider, Octameron Associates, 2000-2001.
College Success: Guide to the Internet, Daniel J. Kurland, Wadsworth Publishing
Company, 1998
College.Edu, Lisa Guernsey, Octameron Associates, 1999
Special Student Materials:
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