Chabot College November 1993 43 - Vocal Ensemble

Chabot College
November 1993
Course Outline for Music 43
Catalog Description:
43 - Vocal Ensemble
May be repeated 3 times
1 unit
Instruction for the advanced singer; an opportunity to explore and perform vocal chamber music. 2
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course, the student should:
1. have improved vocal technique and musicianship;
2. have increased the ability to take responsibility for learning his/her own part accurately;
3. gain increased understanding of stylistic interpretation.
Course Content:
Literature for performance will be representative of:
1. varying historical periods
2. various languages.
Methods of Presentation:
In rehearsals the following procedures will be pursued:
1. listening to audio-visual materials to better understand aspects of style and performance;
2. making tapes of parts for the singers to rehearse with;
3. practicing exercises designed to improve tone, intonation and balance.
Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
1. Verbal assessment by instructor in rehearsals.
2. Suggestions by fellow students in rehearsal.
3. Self-evaluation to initiate individual awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
Textbook(s) Typical"
Special Student Materials: