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Bi­Weekly Newsletter VORTEX2 Updates: So much has been happening for ATMO Mondays Schedule: the VORTEX2 team that one newsletter cannot contain it BA Room 373 at 11:10am all! But because our students are always connected to the 9/27 Amanda Thibault internet, they’ve been keeping a blog, 10/5 Danielle Turner, a flickr account of photos 10/19 Sarah Dillingham and updating their 10/26 Chris Burling Facebook page daily . 11/2 Scott Gunter‐Tech‐University‐
11/16 Brad Charboneau VORTEX‐2/114782288535898 11/23 Ryan Metzger 12/7 Mark Conder with NWS
Also, The Weather Channel is following the V2 Hunt live on TV daily and you can see all the blogs associated with VORTEX2 here:‐
05‐05 and their website for the event here Add these links to your Favorites list and check them daily to keep up on the freshest news of VORTEX2. They’ve already documented several tornadic super cells in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. While this means good data sets for the team, it also means tornado damage and lives lost in those areas where the tornados touched down. Our thoughts are with all those communities who have been affected by this tornado season and we hope the data collected will help to create better warning systems for the future. We also wish safe travels to everyone with the V2 team. Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes. Faculty, Staff, and PhD Student Updates WISE presentations & papers around the world: Dr. Kishor Mehta recently presented “Wind Load History: ANSI A58.1‐1972 to ASCE 7‐05” at the ASCE Structures Congress in Orlando, FL, on May 13th. He also presented “Development of workforce for wind energy” at the ASME Sustainable Energy conference in Phoenix, AZ, on May 21st. Dr. Frank Lombardo presented his paper “Automated extraction and classification of thunderstorm and non‐thunderstorm wind data for extreme‐value analysis" at the European Conference on Computational Mechanics in Paris this week. For more information, see Chris Pattison’s article “Solar Support for Wind Energy” is slated to print in this month’s WindSystems magazine. See it here: WISE 40th Anniversary and other event photos on Pages 2‐4.
WINDPOWER 2010 Conference & Exhibition in Dallas on May 23rd though 26th: With the AWEA annual conference this close to Lubbock, our WISE Center will have a strong showing at this year’s conference. Please contact Carol Ann Stanley for more information and check out the AWEA website at Attendees from Texas Tech include Dr. Andy Swift, Dr. Anita Schiller, Anna Woodlock, Archie Ruiz‐Columbie, Candace Cyrek, Carol Ann Stanley, Chris Pattison, David Miller, Everett Perry, Fisseha Alemayheu, Dr. Jamie Chapman, Jason McNeill, Keith Plantier, Kornel Rozsavolgyi, Kuangmin Gong, Kyla Kersh, Lacy Watson, Liz Joost, Marina Llantada, Mark Harral, Rachit Mathur, Rick Walker, and Xinxin Zhang. We wish you all safe travels and we hope to see pictures soon! Have fun at AWEA!
The TTU & Michigan V2 Teams gather for a nice dinner, which is rare on the road. Issue 29, May 21, 2010
Tanya Brown and her dissertation chair, Dr. Daan Liang, at the defense on April 23rd. Ian Giammanco and his dissertation chair, Dr. John Schroeder, at the defense on April 27th. Congratulations on your defense, Tanya! Congratulations on your defense, Ian! Congratulations to Drs. Stephen and Audra Morse on their newest addition to their family! Their son, Orin Nathaniel Morse, was born on May 5th. Hale Center Junior High School students toured the Reese Research facilities and learned about the debris impact cannon. They were also versed in all the different avenues to approach the wind energy industry workforce and encouraged to access the WISE website for further information. Muleshoe High School Science National Honor Society toured Reese especially for the debris cannon impact demonstration on May 19. WISE Staff members get their guns up at the 40th Festivities Back row: Carol Ann Stanley, Liz Inskip‐Paulk, Cynthia Barbosa. Front Row: Kelsey Seger, Sara Grano (in photo), and Patricia Bela. Issue 29, May 21, 2010
And the celebration continues...