EM 590F- Advanced Topics in Mechanics of materials Fall 2005

EM 590F- Advanced Topics in Mechanics of materials
Fall 2005
Thomas J Rudolphi ([email protected]) 2333 Howe Hall
Ashraf F. Bastawros ([email protected]) 2347 Howe Hall
Lecture and Labs will be held in Bayer Hall, Rm 104.
Course Objective:
The objective of this course is to bring you upto speed in basics of solid mechanics.
The course philosophy is to link the rigor of mathematical modeling to the physics of
material behavior. The tentative course plan is as follows:
You will be introduced to:
1. Continuum Representation of Deformation
a. Rigid Translation and rotations vs. deformation
b. Deformation Gradients
c. Small and large deformation representations
2. Review of Linear Elasticity:
a. General Elastic Material Constitutive Equations
b. Material Symmetry
c. Anisotropic response of crystalline materials
3. Basic concepts:
a. Principal of virtual work
b. Reciprocal theory
c. Elastic Greens Functions
d. Eigenstrains
4. Fundamental Solutions to Boundary Value Problems in Elasticity
5. Applications to materials Behavior
a. Point defects and Eshelby inclusion formulation
b. Line Defects and geometric slip
c. Dislocation stress and strain fields and their energetics
d. Martensitic Phase transformation and twining
6. Plastic Response of Materials
a. Yield conditions
c. Yield conditions in single crystals
d. Hardening behavior
Course Policies:
1. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and will be due in class on the
specified date (as announced in class). Late homework will not be accepted
without prior approval or valid excuse. Consultation with other students to clear
up confusion points is encouraged. However, all submitted homework must be
your own work.
Tentative Grading
Term paper
- Letter grades will be given only for the final course grade and will be no lower than the
following grade scale:
A (93%), A-- (88%), B+ (85%), B ( 82%), B-- (78%), C+(75%),C (70%), ------Tentative Textbook:
John Price Hirth, Jens Lothe, Theory of dislocations
Rob Phillips, Crystals, Defects and Microstructures: Modeling Across scales.
Keith Bowman, Mechanical Behavior of materials