Walter Torraville's Stage

Walter Torraville's Stage
Walter Torraville's Stage is located on the main tickle of Change Islands on the southwest
shore of the north island, just west of the causeway, the link between the north and south
islands. The building is at least 100 years old and is among the oldest in the community.
The second owners were Gerry and Pearl Kearley. Pearl still resides on Change Islands
and lives in the adjacent house. The house was purchased by Fred Chaffey in the late
1960's and he used it as the Change Islands ferry terminal for a car ferry service that
operated between Cobb's Arm on New World Island and Change Islands. This ferry
service was discontinued when the Farwell/Change Islands/Fogo Island government
service was introduced on December 9th, 1979. The Stages and Stores Heritage
Foundation purchased Walter Torraville's Stage in 2002 and completed its restoration in
the spring/summer of 2003.