LAB #12: Interference

LAB #12: Interference
• What is wave interference? What is constructive and what destructive
• Describe and draw Young’s experiment. What conditions should be met?
• What is interference pattern and path difference between two rays?
• When constructive and when destructive interference occurs?
1. Sweep light sensor across interference pattern to get one set of data. Use smallest
pair of slits d=0.25mm and medium sensitivity (Gain =10)
2. Record positions of the maxima from m=-2 to m=+2
3. Record positions of minima from n=-3/2 to n=+3/2
4. Plot m vs. Y in JagFit. Get dmax from the slope.
5. Plot n vs. Y in JagFit. Get dmin from the slope.
6. Compare each d with the accepted value of 0.25mm