The primary goal of this workshop is to help professionals who have some
knowledge in finance and accounting in developing sound financial knowledge to
read and understand financial reports. Real-current problematic finance & business
cases will be analyse and scenario solutions will be discussed within the workshop.
NOTE: Please bring laptop along
How to read a balance sheet, Profit & Loss Statement & Cash flow
Use Cash Flow statement to evaluate performance
Understand the relationship between cash flow statement and balance sheet
How to look for information efficiently in the annual report
Learn how to size up a company quickly by reading their financial ratios
Understand Investment Techniques & Time Value of Money
Decision making based on Project evaluation
Understand Risk Modelling Skills & financial impact
Assess Credit analysis & profiling customers
Build up a Sales and Profit Forecasting Model
Understanding budgeting for assets deployment & cash management
Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Marketing Managers, Supervisors, Executives and
Managers and all professionals who are interested in Finance for non-Finance
Module 1: Balance Sheet
Module 2: Profit & Loss Statement
Module 3: Cash Flow Statement
Module 4: Financial Ratios Analysis
Module 5: Investment Appraisal (Case Study)
Module 6: Risk Modelling Skills
Module 7: Credit analysis
Module 8: Sales and Profit Forecasting Model
Module 9: Budgeting
If you have any enquiries, please contact
+60 (3) 56213630 or
email: [email protected]