The primary goal of this workshop is to help professionals to forecast their Project

Cost or profit estimates, Cash flow and funding requirement. Real current forecasting project cost modelling business cases will be analyzed and scenario solutions will be discussed within the workshop.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

 Develop Estimating Projects Times & Cost

 Identify sources of project cost & Tracking it

 Calculating the Basis for decision on proceeding or rejecting the project proposal

 Specify material and labour rates and quantities for each task using work breakdown structure

 Calculating your Project budgeted Income Statement

 Applying Earned Value Management (EVM) & Critical Path Method to project management

 Forecasting Sales and project Profit Model using Scenario analysis

Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Treasury, Marketing Managers, Project managers,

Operational manager , Engineers, Supervisors, and Managers and all professionals who are interested in Project Cost Estimation.

Module 1: Estimating Projects Times & Cost

Module 2: Project Costs Estimate

Module 3: Project Based Budgets (Case Study)

Module 4: Project Budget With Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Module 5: Project Budget With Income Statement

Module 6: Project Cost Management

Module 7: New Product Sales Forecast

Module 8: Sales and Profit Forecasting Model

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