SI 413 Fall 2015: Homework 8

SI 413 Fall 2015: Homework 8
Your name:
Due: Wednesday, November 4
Instructions: Review the course honor policy for written
This cover sheet must be the front page of what you hand in.
Fill out the left column in the table to the right after we go
over each problem in class, according to the rubric below.
This rubric is also on the website, in more detail, under
“Admin”→“Grading Rubrics”.
Make sure all problems are submitted IN ORDER.
• 5: Solution is completely correct, concisely presented,
and neatly written.
• 4: The solution is mostly correct, but one or two minor
details were missed, or the presentation could be better.
• 3: The main idea is correct, but there are some significant mistakes. The presentation is somewhat sloppy or
• 2: A complete effort was made, but the result is mostly
incorrect. There may be some basic misunderstandings
of the topic or the problem.
• 1: The beginning of an attempt was made, but the work
is clearly incomplete.
• 0: Not submitted.
Comments or suggestions for the instructor:
What other students did you work with?
Citations (be specific about websites):
Final assessment
Project II Intermediate Milestone
Project Phase 2 is due soon. (due one week after this homework is due) Your project is being graded on style as well as
content - including the documentation of your project. In addition, the project needs to be a significant accomplishment
(within the limitations of your language). It is therefore likely that you (should) have already made significant strides in
the design and implementation of your project.
This homework assignment is to formalize and submit a draft of the design documenation for your program.
1) The submission for this homework is not a single paragraph or even a single page, but rather a collection of files
(README, drawings, descriptions) that document your project and the (likely) internals.
2) The design should appropriate to the level of your language.
3) It should include both a high-level description of what you are attempting to accomplish (what does the program
do) and a description of the methods or algorithms that you are using to accomplish this.
4) Use a level of documentation appropriate to your language. Projects in Ruby and C# should use higher level
documentation such as class diagrams and use cases. Low level (including some esoteric) languages might find
flowcharts more appropriate.
5) Paragraphs of English text are always appropriate for any language. HINT: Be verbose, but not needlessly repetitive.
N.B.: This homework submission does not take the place of the final submission of design documentation. You will
still need to include these documents in your final submission for phase 2 of the project. Your design may undergo
changes as you code and test. Those changes, though usually only slight, should be reflected in the final version of your