Social Event Planning Worksheet

Social Event Planning Worksheet
Sponsoring Organization:_________________ Officer completing form: __________________________
Name of the Event/Theme:_______________________________________________________________
Location of Event: _____________________________________________________________________
Day/Date of Event:___________________________ Beginning Time:________ Ending Time: ________
Type of Event
____________ Invitational ____________ Greek Only ____________ Dry
(May require add’l information)
Event Attendance:
Number of invitations stamped:_______________
Invitation approved:________________ (initials)
Will there be any guests invited who are not USA students? __________ YES
__________ NO
If yes, how many will be on this list?____________
Submit a guest list of these members and USA students to the Greek Affairs Office no later than two
business days prior to the event.
Guest List submitted:_______________________
Risk Management:
Security Company:________________________________________ Phone Number: _______________
Number of security:_____________________________ (Determined by the number of invited guests)
Name of Chapter Contact Person:_____________________________ Phone Number:_______________
Color of wristbands assigned:___________________________
Signatures of Sober Monitors:
How will Monitors be identified: __________________________________________________________
List alternative food and beverages:________________________________________________________
Community Relations/Sponsorships:
Will t-shirts or other items be sold or given away at the event? If yes, include a copy of the design for
each of the items: __________ YES __________ NO
_______________ Design submitted
Will there be a co-sponsor, such as an area business, for the event? __________ YES
__________ NO
List co-sponsors:_______________________________________________________________________
Additional steps needed for registration:
Final notification letter to the surrounding neighbors and community businesses;
Final guest list of non-University of South Alabama students;
Other items deemed necessary by Greek Affairs Office.
The officers signing below understand that if their organization is in violation of the University of South
Alabama Greek Organization Social Event Risk Management Policies, their event will be terminated
immediately. The organization will also be subject to disciplinary action by the Greek Judicial Board,
College Judicial Board and/or the Dean of Students. In most cases, the Inter-National organization will also
be contacted.
In addition to the organization on the whole being held responsible for violations of these policies, the
responsible individuals from the sponsoring organization, including, but not limited to, the president, risk
management officer, social chair person, individuals responsible for admitting people to the event, and any
individual that uses alcohol inappropriately or illegally, will also be held personally responsible for violations of these policies and will be subject to disciplinary action.
Further, the officers understand that no changes to these plans may be made without prior approval from
either of the Greek Advisors.
Chapter President
Greek Organization
Social Chairperson
Risk Manager
I hereby give recognition to the registration of the event described above. This approval is contingent upon
the completion of the additional steps needed for approval that are listed on this document.
Greek Affairs Advisor
Faxed to USA Police on: