Departmental Whitley Council Summary of Meeting held on 17 December 2014

Departmental Whitley Council
Summary of Meeting held on 17th December 2014
Directorate Realignment
The Chief Executive & Keeper met with Departmental Trade Union Side (DTUS) to talk
about The National Archives Directorate realignment in line with the new strategy.
Facility Time
It was noted that the HR Manager Systems & Operations will take over submitting the
quarterly Facility Time return to Cabinet Office.
In 2015 the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Resourcing & Organisational
Development will be responsible for conducting the pay negotiation process with MoJ and
HR Policies
It was agreed that the regular agenda item ‘HR Policies’ should be renamed as ‘Policies’ to
cover polices for the whole organisation.
Government Procurement Card (GPC): Head of Finance gave an update on GPC usage
at TNA.
Secondment Policy: Trade Unions Side representative advised that he has sent further
changes to the Secondment Policy that need to be incorporated.
Home Working Policy: The Home Working Policy and Recruitment policy have now been
Departmental Issues:
Norwich Office: JCP reported that formal consultation went ahead with individuals
Performance Management
A discussion was had about setting objectives and that HR will arrange training.
Any Other Business
Investors in People
Following a review, The National Archives has once again received Investors in People
(IiP) accreditation. An IiP Standard means that we are recognised for our commitment to
developing our people, and our ambition, drive and focus.