SCWK 7701 The Social Welfare System (Spring course, First Year)

SCWK 7701 The Social Welfare System (Spring course, First Year)
SCWK 7721 Human Behavior & the Social Environment (Fall course, First Year)
SCWK 7723 Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues (Fall course, First Year)
To avoid repetition of course content taken elsewhere, students are given an opportunity to test
out of foundation courses and substitute more advanced electives.
Both Proficiency Exams will be offered on Friday August 26, 2016.
• Students must earn a grade of 80 to get a passing grade. Students will be notified of the results.
• The exam will be taken anonymously and each student will be given a coded number to place
on the exam so the professor does not know whose exam s/he is correcting.
• Each exam is 2 hours long.
• There is no charge for the exam.
If a student passes a proficiency exam, s/he is exempt from taking that required course, but must
substitute a three-credit elective in its place.
If you are planning to take a proficiency examination, please contact Liz Cinquino, Director,
SSW Advising Center, at [email protected] by Friday, August 19, 2016.
Another Proficiency Exam will be held in March 2017 prior to registration for summer and fall
courses for:
SCWK 7747 Research Methods (Fall course, Final Year)
You can contact Liz Cinquino to sign up for this exam in March 2017.
Updated 3/16/16