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Graphene reinforced concrete composites Monash researchers have discovered a novel method for reinforcing construc/on materials concrete. They have developed a cemen//ous matrix containing graphene oxide to enhance the strength and durability of concrete. Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is widely used in building and construc/on. Due to its poor tensile stress and strain capacity it must be reinforced with steel bars. In addi/on, fibres of various types may be added to delay the development of micro-­‐cracks and improve resistance to tensile stress. Technology Applica/ons The cement composite contains graphene oxide (GO). This formula/on does not require a dispersing agent. The mechanical proper/es have been tested and it was shown that only 0.05% of GO is needed to improve flexural strength of a cement matrix by from 41% to 59% and compressive strength by from 15% to 33%. Advantages §  Significant enhancement of the compressive and tensile strengths of concrete §  Improved durability due to a finer pore structure of the composites §  Corrosion resistance §  Thermal mass Solar Thermal Energy Storage Opportuni/es for Collabora/on Well Cemen/ng Building Energy Efficiency IP & Key Publica/ons Monash University has filed a United States Provisional Applica/on (61\580,484). This patent covers composi/on of structural materials, methods of prepara/on and the nature of materials comprising cemen//ous matrix with improved technical performance. This technology can be used to develop: (1) low energy/carbon footprint cement binders to boost the compe//veness of the cement and concrete industry and (2) high-­‐strength and high-­‐
duc/lity concrete that will resist extreme condi/ons including blast, impact and fire. The concrete composited can be used in solar energy storage, well cements (oil/gas industry), and improving building energy efficiency. We are seeking partners for further development of this technology, with a view to licensing, research collabora/on and commercialisa/on. Key Contact A/Prof Wenhui Duan ARC Future Fellow Faculty of Engineering Phone: +61 3 9905 4958 Email: