11.1 - Required Data.

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11.1 - Required Data.
Design Records. Moderate and low hazard class D dams and structures, including those used as
stock tanks, shall be designed for the specific site and watershed conditions. Construction
drawings and specifications shall be prepared by a qualified engineer (FSM 7504 R-3
Supplement). Soil scientists and hydrologists will be used as needed in evaluating the site,
watershed, water need, and design flood. An involved design process will normally not be
necessary, but acceptable materials must be found, the spillway must be sized correctly and the
reservoir must be efficient and sized to provide water throughout the use season.
Drawings, as a minimum, shall consist of a sketch of the dam and reservoir site, showing the
dam, spillway, and reservoir configuration and cross sections of the dam and spillway.
Horizontal and vertical distances shall be measured accurately and shown on the drawings.
Material sources for each embankment zone will be shown. Required rip-rap and channel
stabilization will be shown.
The dam, spillway, and borrow areas shall be staked on the ground in such a way as to guide the
construction and during the final inspection to verify that plans were followed.
Specifications can be as simple as one or two pages of written instructions on proper
embankment compaction, foundation preparation, and materials use.