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Banyan Environmental Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
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UNFCCC Secretariat,
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Dear Sir/Madame,
Subject: Inputs on CDM Bazaar
We sincerely like to thank you for giving us this great opportunity. As a project developer
from India we highly welcome and look forward to CDM Bazaar. Here are some of the
initial suggestions for such an eMarket for CDM projects.
1. Functionality: User maintained data is certainly welcome. Allow all projects at
various stages to be registered that is projects that are serious yet NOT validated
may be allowed to be registered or put up inviting Financing – if the information is
of right quality and details ( may be as per UNFCCC/ or CDM format –entered
through an automatically checked form).
2. Content: May also include links to URL or website of Project developer.
Nityanand J. Agrawal
CEO & Managing Director