SCRIPT: ESY Determination ESY Determination

SCRIPT: ESY Determination
This tutorial addresses Extended School Year, also known as ESY Determination
Begin by clicking the menu item called ESY Determination. The next screen will prompt the user to
answer two questions. The first question, “Will ESY be considered while developing this IEP?” This
question must be answered for all students.
After selecting Yes or Not Applicable, the user is required to answer the question, “Does the student
need extended school services?” If the user answers no or defers this decision, this section is complete
and may be saved. If yes is chosen, the user is presented with another section in which the ESY service
will be entered.
To add an ESY service:
• Enter the name of the service
• Determine whether the service will be Direct or Indirect
• Select the Location
• Enter the Extent and Frequency
• Select the Initiation date, and
• Duration of service.
Click the ADD button to add the service to the services list. Repeat this process until all services have
been listed.
Note: If Other was selected in the Location of service section, text must accompany this choice. In the
Extent and Frequency section the first box requires a number, digits only, and the Additional detail box
is an optional field.
Notice the notepad and trashcan icons to the left of the listed services. The notepad function allows the
user to edit the text they have entered. The trashcan icon allows the user to delete service text. You
will need to click OK to permanently delete this text.
After the ESY services are entered, one item remains. This item requires the user to indicate whether
the parent, guardian or adult student accepts or rejects the extended school year services.
This concludes the ESY Determination tutorial.