Council for Basic Skills Presentation  Increasing job placement and work‐based learning  through partnerships with the workforce system.  Tim Probst, Employment Security Dept. 

Council for Basic Skills Presentation Thursday, April 16 | Clark College 10:50 am to 11:45 am Increasing job placement and work‐based learning through partnerships with the workforce system. Tim Probst, Employment Security Dept. Kelly Lindseth, Employment Security Dept. The workforce development system is led by the state Workforce Board by local Workforce Development Councils. The operating principle is that we can serve our common customers better when we work together. In coordination with system partners, the Employment Security Department has helped develop two new initiatives that may add value for colleges. We are upgrading the online system for WorkSource, and we have implemented five pilots with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to increase work‐based learning and internships. For college students, the online upgrade for WorkSource offers a new tool for seeking jobs, both while in school, and for the first big job after graduation. WorkSource’s new online system allows students to enter their qualifications and job goals and receive job leads on their smart phone or computer. Using the latest technology, the system accesses nearly all online job postings in Washington and nearby states, and uses an advanced algorithm to send students only those jobs that are likely to meet their needs. This is a free resource for students, and we’d like to discuss how to make sure they know about it and enroll to use it. We believe this can help more students find the jobs they want, both during school and after graduation. The new system comes online in November. Additionally, WorkSource always stands ready to provide students with career exploration, resume writing, and other career tools at our WorkSource Centers throughout the state. How
can we work better together today, and how can we plan for the November online launch, to make sure students
have access to these tools to increase their competitive edge and connect to more job opportunities?
College students also need work‐based learning and internships during college. The YouthWorks model successfully increased these outcomes in five pilot school districts across the state, and we could consider replicating it in several colleges. Compared to the baseline year, YouthWorks increased work‐based learning by 301%, internships by 189%, and employer mentorship by 232%, as well as increasing other outcomes. We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you and identifying next steps, if any, to enable college
students to benefit from a similar initiative focused on college students.
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Monster technology brings change to
WorkSource job referral process
Posted by Bill Tarrow
The way WorkSource refers applicants and how businesses post job openings will change under
the new job-match system provided by Monster Government Solutions. These changes will
improve the job-match process and allow employees more time to focus on serving customers.
As applicants apply for positions, the WorkSource website – using Monster’s 6Sense Search
Technology – will provide employers with a ranked list of top candidates based on the
candidates’ skills, experience and the requirements of the job. As new applications come in,
6Sense will automatically re-rank the applicants, making sure the best candidates always rise to
the top of the list.
“This business change will result in faster and better skilled-based job matches across the state
for employers and job seekers,” said Sandy Miller, ESD executive sponsor for the WorkSource
Integrated Technology Project. “It also will bring our referral process in line with what’s offered
by other private-sector job-match websites.”
Business services staff will continue to help employers hire the right talent. They’ll make sure
their job postings attract the right candidates, assess top candidates and arrange interview space
when needed. They’ll also connect employers with training resources and pertinent labor market
information, assist with targeted hiring events and industry focused job fairs, and offer layoff
support when needed.
Supervisor Todd Wurl works with Velma McKerlie on entering UIRO services into SKIES. He
previously worked as a business services manager in the North Central Region.
“In the past, we spent countless hours reading and evaluating résumés to identify potential
candidates for referral,” said Todd Wurl, a supervisor at WorkSource Moses Lake. “Now,
employers are going to be able to identify the best talent for their jobs in seconds — all on their
own. We’re really excited about this new technology and what it will mean for businesses.”
On the job seeker side of the house, WorkSource specialists will focus more time and energy on
helping job seekers create more dynamic and detailed career profiles for the website. They’ll also
help job seekers improve their workplace skills through workshops and other career-building
“It’s all about leveraging technology where appropriate and redirecting staff to focus on the
critical employment services that are most helpful for our customers,” said Anne Goranson, ESD
regional director for Southwest Washington. “Our personal interaction with customers is what
sets us apart, and that need won’t ever go away.”
Statewide Increase over Baseline
School Year '13-'14 vs. Baseline SY '12-'13
Baseline SY 12-13
Actuals SY 13-14
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