SPI 2013 Summer Teachers Academies

SPI 2013 Summer Teachers Academies
During July of 2013, approximately ninety teachers attended one of three, 3-day SPI
Teachers Academies across the State to enhance their capacity to ensure every learner
spends his/her time engaged and benefitting from learning experiences that are
personally meaningful and relevant.
The overarching guiding question of the 2013 SPI Academies was: How can we grow
more effective practices of teaching and learning? UDL, DI, integrated technology
and informative assessment were the elements targeted in the 2013 SPI Academies.
Participants were encouraged to attend the academies in general educator/special
educator pairs from the same school to support collaboration and enhance continued
growth. During the Academies, each participant prepared a personalized professional
growth plan for implementing new learning and deeper understandings in their
classrooms. A planning framework created by the Marzano Research Laboratory was
studied and utilized to create professional growth goals that align with effective
practices of teaching and learning and fulfill the requirements of the new West Virginia
Educator Evaluator System. SPI is expected to raise the quality of instruction in ways
that impact all learners.