ST. LUCIE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT School: __________________________ Facilitator: ____________________ SRN#: ____________________ Professional Learning Community Guide Target: If the PLC is successful then participants will learn _________________ so that students will _________________ as measured by _________________. Where do we need to be? What is the expectation? Where are we now in relationship to where we need to be? What are the reasons for the gap
between current status and goal? List probable causes. What do current data tell us? Cite data from various sources. What will we do? What must we learn? Determine: Worthiness of strategy/program and resources to be used to increase our learning Group Log Date Implement and New Learning Focus What will we agree to try in the classroom? Evidence / Student Work What will we collect as evidence? Review Evidence What happened when we implemented? What did we learn from that? of Session Next Steps: abandon, keep learning, or refine the goal of our PLC? (To be completed at the conclusion of the PLC.) How did this PLC change professional practice? How did this PLC impact student achievement?
Administrator Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________ *PLC Guide and sign‐in sheets must be turned into the Department of Professional Development within 4 weeks of the conclusion. HRD0053 Rev 08/2009