Course Num: 020 (Formerly: Intent Code: 12

COURSE TITLE: General Lab-Science
Dept.: HSC
Course Num: 020
CIP Code: 32.0204
Intent Code: 12
Total Contact Hrs Per Qtr.: 16.5-83 Lecture Hrs: 5.5-28
Distribution Desig:
DATE: April 25, 2014
Program Code:
Lab Hrs: 11-55
Other Hrs:
Prepared By: Jody Bortz
COURSE DESCRIPTION (as it will appear in the catalog)
This lab course provides basic instruction of physical, life and earth science skills necessary for high school
graduation. High school completion credit only.
PREREQUISITES: Students must be enrolled in a Basic Skills class and have taken the CASAS pre-test
TEXTBOOK GUIDELINES: Resources and laboratory experiments as determined by the instructor
STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to
demonstrate the following:
 Develop scientific method, inquiry and record keeping practices
 Demonstrate basic knowledge of life science including: body systems, evolution, and cell development
 Discuss biodiversity and species distribution trends including evolution and extinction
 Demonstrate basic knowledge of physical science including: chemistry, energy properties and matter
 Examine earth building processes and plate tectonics
 Safely perform and report results on 2 labs within each content area
 Nature of science and the scientific method
 Safely perform scientific laboratory experiments using the scientific method
 Life Science
Characteristics and Organization of Life
Reproduction, Genetics, DNA and Human Biology
Introduction to Evolutionary Theory and Natural Selection
Cells: Their Structures and Functions
Animal Structure and Function
Plant Structure and Function
 Physical Science
General and Organic Chemistry
Classifying Chemical Reactions
Solutions and Mixtures
Atoms, Elements, Isotopes, Ions, and The Periodic Table
 Earth Science
Environmental Science and Natural Resources including Renewable Energy
Water Cycle and Water Necessity for Life
Basic Geology and Geological Forces
Plant Earth and the Earth Building Processes
Weather, Clouds, Atmosphere, Heat and Thermal Energy
This course will satisfy one high school general lab science credit for HS21. WAC 180-51-061
Independent study may be approved by instructor on a topic related to physical, life or earth science.
CASAS post-test will be used after 46 hours of instruction.