Introduction to LINKS Student Advisement What Parents and Students Need to Know…

Introduction to LINKS
Student Advisement
What Parents and Students Need to
What is LINKS?
 A program that creates smaller learning
communities in larger schools
 Designed to keep students from “falling
through the cracks”
 Designed to “bridge the gap” between what is
taught in core classes and give students
individual help with
What is LINKS?
LINKS stands for “Learning, Individualized
Needs, Knowledge and Skills”
The purpose is to:
 improve Learning for ALL students
 identify and meet Individualized Needs
 increase Knowledge and Skills
…for ALL students
The LINKS Program promotes student
success in school and life by:
 Relationship with a
caring adult
 Career goal
 Connection with
post secondary
How LINKS works…
 Each student will be assigned an advisor to
work with him/her throughout high school
 Students will be placed in small advising
groups that meet at least weekly throughout
high school
Advisors will work to
 help students learn better
 focus on individual needs
 increase student knowledge about options after
high school and the 21st Century workforce
 Improve skills for school, community and work
LINKS Advisors will:
 Facilitate weekly lessons (standards based)
 Be the “go to” person for parents
 Help students with academic and career
 Help students develop and maintain an
academic and career portfolio
LINKS Advisors will:
 Refer students to counselors as needed
 Contact parents with concerns about
attendance, behavior, and grades
 ALSO…let parents know about some good
things students are doing
LINKS Advisors will:
 Assign and check on activities on Career
Cruising – a computer tool to help student plan
for the career that is best for them.
 Meet with students and parents to help plan
each year’s schedule
 Advocate for each student’s success
 LINKS will bridge the gap between what is
taught in the core curriculum and the skills
necessary in the work place by addressing
six major Skills Areas:
Career Exploration and Planning
Academic Development
School Success Skills
Work Ethic
Life Skills
Students may receive elective credit
for LINKS.
This is an easy and meaningful way for
students to earn credit if your school offers
LINKS for credit.
To learn more about LINKS go to our state
website at:
Contact us…
If you have specific questions about LINKS
contact your school LINKS coordinator or
Barbara Ashcraft, WVDE Coordinator
[email protected]