Natalie Tokarz How I Write

Natalie Tokarz
How I Write
I am going to be honest I never have been in love with writing. It has never
been my priority to sit down and write a piece of art. However, I do like to write.
Especially when it comes too creative writing. Fiction has to be my favorite form,
although non-fiction does have its positives too. I notice a pattern within my writing
no matter what genre. That pattern is sarcasm. It might be subtle or out right
obnoxious but without sarcasm in my writing I think it would be very bland and
When I begin the writing process I try to think of something that would make
me laugh. It could be a childhood story, or even a made up scenario. If this doesn’t
work I look for something that has a lot of meaning to me. This is where my writing
can be less sarcastic and more serious, but there is still a hint of sarcasm because
after all it is the way I write. I think as a reader it is enjoyable to read as well. I feel
that it makes the writing more real when you can add a bit of your own personality
into it. In all honesty I don’t think I would know how to write if I couldn’t put my
personality into it.
I find I am in my element when I write a funny story about something that
has happened to me. Although, I do add details that make the story more fun to read
it still is about my thoughts and how I felt. It is one of those things when you look
back on a memory it becomes funnier with time, well for me it becomes funnier
when I write it out. I think this is because I think through the story more times in my
head, and the more time I have to reflect upon it, the more and more hilarious the
situation becomes, even if it wasn’t funny to me at the time. I think comedy writing
is a way to win over anyone who is questionable about reading or writing because
everyone enjoys a good comedy just as everyone enjoys a good story. For me,
storytelling and comedy go hand in hand. Yes, you can have one without the other,
but I feel the piece becomes stronger when both of them are involved. I feel that it
makes the reader feel as though they are apart of the world that you live in on a
daily basis.
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